Technical Support

Product Distribution Files
  Here you will find the latest versions of files available for download;
  • Firmware Upgrade files
  • Software Utilities
  • Documentation [manuals, releasenotes, additional notes]
Support Utilities
  Visio Technical Visio smartshapes for Microplex products are available.
  • Users of Microsoft Visio, can use these customized SmartShapes of our current products in their networking diagrams.
Support Documents
  Here you will find the following types of support documents;
  • Support Policies [returns]
  • RMA checklist
  • Help with Microplex Products
Contacting Support
  The following HTML forms are available for contacting Microplex Support;
  Support request form
  • If you can't find a solution somewhere within the Microplex Support site, select this form to request help from our Support Staff.
  Suggestion form
  • If you have any thoughts on this web site, on Microplex products or service, please select this form to tell us what you think.

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